We, a three-decade corporate, make and market an entire range of chairs under the brand "inspace".  The Conventional chair has undergone a metamorphic change over the years to provide fatigue less sitting. The general work nature warrants sitting for long hours in a day exerting stress on the human vertebrae. To overcome this issue, we have instable the nextgen chairs that do away with fatigue caused by sitting endlessly. For extreme comfort, the revolving chair is designed with value addition like positioning the chair -back at a preferred and comfortable point by the user. This segment, in our stable, is also now standardized, which means the supply of goods at a still better rate.  

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Vigo HP

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Inspace, a  30 years old corporate, caters to the furniture requirements of educational institutions. We follow the mantra of “Pre-kg to PG” and offers the whole Gamut of furniture for classroom, kindergarten, staff room, administrative office, principal/chairman room and laboratories etc.

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H.O. & Factory: 228, "INSPACE FARM", Tharakshi Main Road, (Tirupati Road), Tharakshi Village, Uthukotai Taluk,Thiruvallur District -602 026