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Gorgeous, comfortable, and enjoyable auditorium chairs suppliers – that’s the promise Inspace keeps. We marry innovation with technology to create auditorium seating in Chennai that take a hall from zero to sixty in two seconds. With us, you’ll find auditorium chairs in varied specifications and styles; all offered at prices that surpass the competition.

Comfortable Single Seater Auditorium Chair With Arm Rest

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High - End Auditorium Seating Designed For Aesthetics

A set of 6 moulded nylon chairs in red colour with common armrests for auditorium seating
When you look for high-end auditorium chairs, look for Inspace. Our seating chairs are uniquely designed for high-end halls. They are not only comfortable but also easy to install. More than that, they bring to your school elegance and grace that’s hard to ignore!
Features that set our auditorium seating furniture apart:
  • Upholstered with fabric or leather lite.
  • Both seat and backrest have PP cover.
  • Seat and backrest are PU moulded foam or nylon shell.
  • The seat frame is mild steel CR tubes of heavy-duty
  • Each chair comes with floor grounding provision
Inspace  is one of the best school furniture manufacturers in Chennai. We are the leaders in the business of school and classroom furniture manufacturing in India. Our quality school furniture includes school tables, classroom chairs, school desks, library bookshelves, kindergarten furniture, and, computer lab furniture to name a few. Our 30 years of experience has helped us to evolve as the leading school furniture suppliers that cater to all needs of educational institutions.

Reliable Auditorium Seating Manufacturers

Most of the schools in metropolitan cities like Chennai focus on cultural activities in addition to academics. Conducting inter-school, intraschool cultural activities in the auditorium for more hours emphasizes the need for furnishing well-designed auditorium chairs that offer great comfort. As the prominent school furniture manufacturers, we guarantee that our modern auditorium seating is the best investment you can make! Inspace delivers superior quality and reliability steadfastly. Each chair we create is built for better audience sightline, greater audience comfort, and maximizing seating capacity. We cold-mould foam with high resilience to the seats for better comfort.


Top-notch quality raw material


Quick cleaning seat pans

An orange color boarding chair with hand rest.


Minimal space need & Easy maintenance


Super aesthetics

Stunning Auditorium Seating Variations In Chennai

Our auditorium series feature:

  • Six-seater chairs
  • Perforated sheet chairs
  • Collapsible half writing pad
  • Single moulded nylon shell chairs


1. Do you just supply auditorium chairs or install them too for us?
We can design, manufacture, and install auditorium furniture of your choice in terms of material and colour. Talk to us to know more.
2. How many types of auditorium chairs do you have?
At Inspace, we have 5 variations of auditorium chairs – Luxury Audi, Tablet Audi, Slimline Audi, Cornate Audi, and Boarding Audi. Visit our website to know more.
3. Apart from auditorium chairs, does Inspace supply any other auditorium furniture?
Auditorium furniture is not complete without other supporting furniture. Apart from a wide range of auditorium chairs we also supply podiums and Diaz tables for the auditoriums.
4. Do your auditorium chairs have provisions for floor grounding?
Yes, all our auditorium chairs come with provisions for floor grounding.
5. What materials do you use for the auditorium chairs?
We use PU molded foam seats and backrests upholstered with fabric/leatherlite. The auditorium chairs also come with a common PU handle with metal insert and PP cover at the rear of seat and backrest for three of our variants. Our Cornate Audi variant comes with a single molded nylon shell seat and backrests. There are auditorium chairs with powder coated perforated sheet seats and backrests.