Choosing The Right Auditorium Chairs For Your School

The auditorium is an indispensable part of any institution as they host various memorable events throughout the year. No matter whether it’s for annual performances, meetings, or lectures, the auditorium experience stays with the audience as long as the entire seating is comfortable and convenient. And to make the entire experience enjoyable, one must make sure that the auditorium seating arrangement fits your needs.

However, when choosing the right auditorium furniture, school authorities are often at a loss. Inspace, a leading auditorium chair manufacturer in the country, is at your service for all your auditorium chair needs. In this article, we provide you with information about all the different types of auditorium chairs available and help you narrow down your options.

Auditorium Chairs

Top Auditorium Chair Manufacturer Explains Factors Impacting Auditorium Seating

Higher education institutions are increasingly emphasizing the importance of auditoriums for academics and other purposes. Many top schools in Tamil Nadu bank on elegant auditoriums to boost their reputation and accommodate evolving learning strategies. This makes it imperative that schools purchase chairs that meet certain standards. The two most important criteria are:


Auditorium ergonomics are vital as they enhance the comfort quotient of your audience. An ergonomic setting also allows people to enjoy the show more and makes them want to return again and again. Designed to prevent congestion and body aches, a good auditorium chair is made considering the physical attributes of different people.


The school auditorium is no longer reserved for one annual performance but is now used for various events throughout the year. These events benefit schools economically as well as in terms of brand value. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the seating you invest in provides you with profitable returns.
Audience chairs are considered good quality if they are functional, accessible, sustainable, productive, secure, and customizable. To ensure that your purchase fits into all of these qualities, your chosen chairs must have the following characteristics.
A set of 6 moulded nylon chairs in red colour with common armrests for auditorium seating

6 features that make auditorium chairs a perfect fit for your institution


Auditoriums are massive. Auditorium furniture is no different. It is, therefore, crucial to make sure your furniture lasts a lifetime since any repair or replacement could cost you a fortune. Several leading school auditorium chair manufacturers in Chennai make extra efforts to ensure durable products.

Adjustable features

Adjustable features in chairs are vital for ergonomics. Height-adjustable features and aspects like seats that fit different body types and sizes ensure comfortable seating no matter the person’s physical attributes.


When performances or meetings can last more than 2 hours, comfortable seating is undoubtedly a salient feature. Sitting in uncomfortable chairs can lead to musculoskeletal issues such as neck and back pain that can become problematic over time. They can also make it difficult for the audience to concentrate. Manufacturers of auditorium chairs in Tamil Nadu are known for their padded headrests and backrests, which can alleviate musculoskeletal stress on the body.

Accessibility and free movement

Having auditorium chairs that are accessible and allow for free movement is a critical aspect of school furniture. Kids, in particular, tend to get distracted over time. According to various studies, moving can distract the brain and help the audience refresh when they feel bored.

Storage and Use

Chairs for auditoriums can vary depending on the requirements. Some prefer chairs that can help with storage, while some may prefer chairs that can be moved around. The following are three types of chairs available and categorized based on their uses.


Having a shabby auditorium chair in a school auditorium is a no-no. Top auditorium manufacturers in Tamil Nadu ensure that the best materials are used to build school furniture that withstands time’s effects.

Various kinds of auditorium chairs are available, considering the features mentioned above and the various needs of institutions. The following sections provide detailed information on various types of school auditorium chairs.

An auditorium boarding chair made of stainless steel.

10 Types Of Auditorium Chairs- Insight From The Top Auditorium Chair Manufacturer

The chairs in auditoriums are designed in accordance with the purpose for which they are used. For instance, chairs for interaction rooms and classroom auditoriums differ significantly from celebration auditoriums. Celebration auditoriums prefer plastic chairs that are stackable and can be easily displayed according to a theme or colour. Whereas interaction auditoriums require you to sit for extended periods, comfort is important. Below is a brief overview of the types of auditorium chairs available.

1. Auditorium cushion chair

Cushioned seats and ergonomic shapes make auditorium cushions a must-have in school auditoriums. These chairs are covered in premium cloth, and push back mechanism allows you to lean back by 180 degrees. Available in appealing designs and sizes, cushioned auditorium chairs can cater to different needs.

2. Comfortable Auditorium chairs

Innovative technology is used in the manufacture of these ergonomic pieces of furniture. A high level of quality and comfort is ensured through this manufacturing process for educational institutions. They are also cost-effective.

3. Auditorium Sofa Chairs

Auditorium sofa chairs are a perfect fit for institutions that have larger crowds. These are low maintenance, solid and robust. The broad base and a snack table fitted makes sofa chairs user friendly as they can be used for writing. Made of high-quality stainless steel, durability is a guaranteed aspect of auditorium sofa chairs. They are easy to install and are extremely comfortable.

4. Auditorium attractive chairs

Auditorium chairs play a crucial role in making the auditorium atmosphere bright and appealing. Schools can select from a wide range of attractive auditorium chairs depending on the events or performances held.

5. Auditorium arm and headrest chair

Audiences can experience the utmost comfort with headrests and armrests. Top auditorium chair manufacturers in Chennai offer a wide range of compact designs in auditorium armrest and headrest chairs. They are also extremely easy to install.

6. Auditorium Comfortable Sofa Chairs

Made from high-quality steel, these comfortable sofa chairs are guaranteed to last. High demand for these services exists among educational institutions that host large seminars or other special events.

7. Elegant Auditorium Chairs

Trendiest among the lot, elegant auditorium chairs come in different sizes and colours, with many manufacturers offering tailored solutions for their clients. These chairs are made of high quality and termite resistant raw materials. Elegant chairs can enhance the beauty of your conference halls and auditoriums.

8. Modern Auditorium Chairs

The durability and reliability of modern auditorium chairs have made them a popular choice. They’re also easy to maintain and have adjustable features. Their electrostatic powder coatings make them durable and attractive.

9. Auditorium Push back chairs

Auditorium Push Back Chairs are in huge demand due to their durability and comfort. Ergonomics is a key feature of push back chairs, providing utmost comfort and support.

10. Auditorium Tip-up chair

Featuring fire-resistant materials, auditorium tip-up chairs are available as tip-ups and as push-backs. A perfect addition to school auditoriums and conference halls, they also deliver an aesthetic appeal to the entire space.

Key Takeaway:

Engaging students is the key to good learning. Choosing the right school furniture can help teachers and students stay focused during their entire year at the school. So if you are looking for a perfect seating solution for your auditorium, we are here to help. Inspace is a leading manufacturer of school furniture in Chennai, providing high-quality installation and design services for all your furniture requirements.