Refurbishing Or Replacing Auditorium Chairs?- Get Insights

Whether it is an auditorium or a performing arts venue, the seating defines their standards. And audience chairs are probably the first thing parents and students notice when they enter the school auditorium. Damaged or worn out seating not only smears your school’s good name but can also negatively impact your business. If you’re to stay ahead of the competition, you need to deliver the best seating arrangements for your school auditorium.

However, it is a challenge for owners to decide whether to replace or refurbish their auditorium chairs. Industry experts shed light on a tips you need to consider when deciding whether to replace or refurbish your auditorium chairs. Keep reading to learn more.

Auditorium Chairs

Is It Time To Replace Or Refurbish Your Existing Auditorium Chairs?

A worn-down seating arrangement can be a complete turn off if you are about to host an event. It doesn’t matter how good your events might be; uncomfortable and worn out seating can ruin the entire experience. So consider changing or repairing your auditorium chairs if they have visible damage or are keeping you behind the times.

Before you purchase a new seat or arrange for a repair, there are several factors you should consider. Here are a few.

Red colour auditorium chair with a provison for floor grounding and comfortable foam seat and back resting.

Condition of the existing furniture

Unless your existing auditorium chairs are of a good quality and made of durable materials, you might have to pay a fortune for their repair or replacement. Consider comparing the cost of repair and replacement if your chairs are made of good material.

Generally, furniture that was well-designed is better suited for refurbishment than replacement. Auditorium seating with minor issues like stained or damaged wood/ fabric should preferably be repaired and reused. The same is true for chairs with robust frames, which should be refurbished rather than completely replaced.

Severity of the damage

A significant price difference is noted in the cases when repairs involve cosmetic fixing and structural fixing. Cosmetic repairs are usually done to minor damage, such as small dents, scratches, tears, splits, or fraying in upholstery. Also included are cracks, spots, and stains on the wooden parts. Overall, a cosmetic repair might cost you less, except in cases where you may have to reupholster. Most auditorium chair repairs in Tamil Nadu involve cosmetic fixes since they are regularly used.

Fixing structural damage includes repairing wood cracks, breaks, or large splits and broken springs, bent chairs, sofas, or recliners. More resources, more tools, and most importantly, more time are needed to complete these fixes.

Professional help or a 'DIY' project

A Do-It-Yourself fix may probably cost you less than seeking professional help for the repairs. As long as you are confident in your ability to repair auditorium chairs, all you may need will be a little investment in materials and tools.

Nevertheless, it is generally safer to trust an expert with your repairs. Having an expert on your side has its advantages because they are professionally trained and have specialized tools. If you hire a professional contractor, your chairs will be repaired to the highest standard, and you’ll be happy. Sometimes, hiring a professional is the safer option than attempting to fix the problem yourself.

The following industry insights can help you decide whether to replace or refurbish your auditorium chairs.

A single luxury seating chair with light yellow cushions is provided for the auditorium.

Why Is Refurbishment A Right Choice For Your Auditorium Chairs?

Refurbishing your auditorium seating is a great solution if the existing chairs serve the best purpose and have only a few minor issues. It would also be a waste of money and resources to replace the entire auditorium seating if the chairs are modern and trend-driven. A refurbishment is a perfect solution for auditorium chairs that require minor care or adjustment. Refurbishment is typically the best option when the auditorium needs reupholstering or minor mending. Let’s take a closer look at what that means.

Mending upholsteries:

Upholsteries tend to get ripped or worn over time due to prolonged use. The result is uncomfortable seating and a shabby look. Fortunately, these damages can be repaired instead of completely replacing them. You would need to invest in the original foam and have the reupholstery done with the new fabric.

Filling in foam:

Sagging and dipping auditorium chairs are serious concerns, as they hamper comfortable seating experiences for audiences. As long as the base structure of your furniture is intact, all you need to do is replace the foam and get the seat reupholstered.

Benefits of replacing auditorium chairs

Is Replacement An Only Option For Your Auditorium Chair?

Hear from the top industry experts in Tamil Nadu on why and when you should consider replacing your auditorium chair.

To stay with the trend

Replacing the entire auditorium seating is an expensive deal. However, if you want your auditorium to look and feel refreshing, a complete replacement of the auditorium chairs may be your only option. It is not uncommon for auditorium owners to arrange an entirely new seating arrangement if a refurbishment does not satisfy their needs. This involves adding additional auditorium chairs to increase seating capacity or adapting the seats to the changing colour themes. Overall, replacing the auditorium chairs is a long and tedious one that requires detailed thought and professional guidance.

Irreparable damages

Damages beyond repair are the most obvious reasons for replacement. School auditoriums in Tamil Nadu host dozens of events every year, which often exposes the foam and upholstery of the auditorium chairs to wear and tear. Frequent usage causes irreparable damage that must be replaced in the long run.
An auditorium boarding chair made of stainless steel.

Optimizing space

Replacement is often prompted by the need to utilize space better. Depending on the layout and style of an auditorium, seating arrangements have to be customized to maximize the space. A well- designed seating can make your school auditorium more spacious and comfortable. The adoption of innovative learning strategies like collaborative learning has also necessitated the need to replace the traditional seating arrangements.

Benefits of replacing auditorium chair

On a final note: Modern institutions feel that refurbishing or replacing auditorium chairs is essential in improving their brand value. To decide whether to replace or refurbish, however, it is vital to understand your actual needs. School authorities are therefore advised to closely observe what they require and how they will achieve it. As a leading manufacturer of auditorium chairs in Tamil Nadu, Inspace School Furniture can cater to your needs with a variety of auditorium chair styles and specifications at an affordable price.