The Vital Steps To Design Irresistible Cafeteria From School Canteen Furniture Manufacturers In Chennai

A school canteen is the most commonly used space by the students. It can sometimes be overloaded with students and teachers who are taking a break from their routine. The canteen space must cater to a high volume of use, and the furniture used is one of the key factors that make the room more attractive. School canteen furniture needs more style, colours and a wide range of size to accommodate different types of students. It should be a flexible place that is highly accessible by students of all ages.

We are a leading school furniture manufacturer in Chennai who believe that the soul and heart of a school are in the canteen. It is that corner of the school that is thriving with cultural events, rehearsals and other entertainment. Canteen furniture makes most of the space providing ample seating capacity. It should be a space that can inspire students to form relationships and communicate with each other.

Essentials Of School Canteen Furniture

When we design or redesign furniture for school canteens, there are few things we keep in mind to create a better environment for teachers and students. A canteen must have a variety of seating options. It is a space where teachers and students will sit, eat and relax during breaks. The canteen should accommodate a variety of people, and hence it must have a variety of seating options. We need to provide bench seating, stools and individual chairs. All seating should ensure maximum safety and comfort through excellent ergonomics.

stainless steel school canteen table with attached chairs

Furniture should inspire students to interact and collaborate. Canteen is an area for good, positive interaction. Furniture that allows socializing is mostly preferred as it will lead to featured space and isolation. The tables and chairs should unify people who are using it. Long rectangular tables create a connected chain of space where students can have bountiful conversations. Canteens must also include small circular tables for smaller groups. Facing one another will boost companionship and promote collaboration. Canteens must incorporate outdoor areas as well. A large indoor space is a redundant and outdated concept. Canteens in Chennai schools lay sprawled across the corridors and under the trees, providing a variety of options for its patrons. Along with food and fun, students will get ample doses of vitamin D and fresh air.

Quality time spent with friends in the canteen will motivate and keep you focused on the rest of the day. One important point we always ensure is that furniture should be sustainable. Repurposed steel and wood can be used to make chairs and tables.

A minimalistic and industrial design will provide a better opportunity for sustainable furniture. Recycling bins will have to be clearly labelled and made available throughout the canteen. Food and drink should be served in biodegradable materials.

Issues And Solutions For School Canteen Furniture

Before we arrive at the final design, the underlying issues and solutions of a canteen must be clearly understood. A school canteen is a host to high volume occupancy five days a week. The furniture used in canteen should be hard and reliable and must be resilient against daily wear and tear. A canteen is used throughout the day by teachers and students. The material used in furniture must be germ resistant. The material should be easy to maintain and clean. Furniture must be resistant to daily spills and stains. Schools can follow their interior colour schemes inside the canteen as it will identify with the brand.

The spatial requirement should be considered while deciding the size of chairs and tables. Six to ten seat chairs can be up to 300 cm. Special sizes are also available. Hard-wearing furniture can be made with a solid plywood frame with wood laminate tops and solid wood edges. They are durable, robust and lightweight. The material is also resistant to hot water, high impact, stains, scratches, colour change and heat. We have been providing our Chennai clients with a wide range of 100 laminate colours 6 wood edging options and 24 woodgrain laminate.