The Definitive Way To Build Cafeteria Tables From Furniture Manufacturers In Chennai

A school cafeteria is undoubtedly a place for fun and merrymaking for kids. Here is where kids get to chill out with their friends and favourite food. The place can be a janitor’s worst nightmare if the situation goes out of control. Students’ craziness will have no limits when the situation becomes uncontrollable. School cafeteria tables should have a dynamic layout and be specifically tailored to manage any kind of situation. A cafeteria will be used by students of different age groups. There must be maximum seat capacity to seat the influx of students during break time.

Six seater stainless steel school canteen furniture with rectangular table and round top steel stool seating

We are a leading school furniture manufacturer in Chennai, offering a wide range of cafeteria tables for different layouts. We believe that a school cafeteria is a dynamic environment which is stimulating as well as energetic. The furnishing in a cafeteria should be vibrant and should greatly stimulate the mood and behaviour of the entire atmosphere. Different styles of tables and chairs can be a mental stimulation for students. Distance between tables and smooth walkways are another attraction of a great cafeteria.

Choosing The Right School Cafeteria Tables

An efficient cafeteria layout will be devoid of all the cramming and jamming. Cramming is an easy way to encourage negative behaviour as no one likes to wait for food, to clean off or return the tray. Things must flow smoothly. This understanding of spatial needs has led to innovative solutions of cafeteria tables that can be easily moved, rearranged or stacked away. The cafeteria is one of the main spaces in a school building that is likely to be heavily used.

The furniture used in the cafeteria should be lightweight and easy to use and handle. It must have a smooth surface that makes it easy to clean and maintain. It should have a dynamic space that can be easily rearranged for different purposes. It must have a mix of different styles of chairs and tables that suits all types of users.

Cafeteria furniture suppliers in Chennai are aware that the cafeteria is the heart of the school and students’ favourite spot and space should reflect the mood of the students. We have several choices of furniture for cafeteria use. The options vary based on several factors. We need to understand the space available within the cafeteria for students seating and movement. The number of students the cafeteria can handle needs to be gauged before choosing a table type. Cafeteria tables should be made of durable material as it receives the maximum abuse. Laminate, steel, plastic, vinyl are standard materials used in constructing cafeteria tables. Rectangular shaped tables will have more seating capacity than oval and round-shaped tables. Tables must also have space for storage and other functions. A mix of seating arrangement will be great to accommodate all age groups. Bench seating will be adequate for younger kids, while older kids need personal space for which buckets seats or single stools will be ideal.

Choosing The Best Furniture For The Cafeteria

As students don’t sit still, tables can be moved easily and also be locked securely. For maintenance and cleaning, we need to be able to move around the tables. We provide an array of furnishing options keeping all these points in mind to perfect your space for the cafeteria. A few popular options chosen by customers in Chennai include folding tables, family-style seating and contemporary tables. Folding tables are the most popular choice. It is a traditional rectangular table most commonly used in cafeterias. It not only offers space for multiple functions, but can store well, and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Though the rectangular shape is more common, an oval-shaped family-style table will allow better communication. The students can face one another with ease and communicate ideas. Contemporary tables will suit a modern space. It comes in different shapes and sizes. It reflects the overall tone of the cafeteria and helps to accommodate the mood of every student visiting the cafeteria.