Storage Cabinets : A Vital Necessity For Schools

There is never such a thing as “ample storage space” in a school setting. As the curriculum changes and as the school strength increases, there is a perpetual need for more cupboards, cabinets, draws, just to store classroom paraphernalia. Classrooms alone require safe cupboards for teachers to lock away important records, notebooks, practical records, maps and valuable textbooks.

If that’s not enough, areas such as labs and libraries require furniture that is designed to serve the purpose of specific storage. These are places where the “one cabinet fits all” policy won’t be feasible. Luckily, there is no dearth of school storage cabinets. They are available in a multitude of designs that cater to each purpose. Customization is always an option. In this article, we take you through the number of choices available with all major school furniture manufacturers.

A school’s storage requirements are unique. Storage becomes a big point of discussion every time a new classroom is built. Proper school storage cabinets inculcate organizing ability in students at early age.

School Storage Cabinets: Storage Solutions For Science Laboratories

A well-stocked school lab will have instruments, devices, chemicals, acids, specimens, and a whole shebang of things that are not only expensive but also dangerous and valuable. Unlike the classroom, lab storage calls for more specifically designed cabinets with unique storage features.

Microscope storage cabinets

While there is a choice between wooden or steel cabinets, the most preferred one is the attractive wooden cabinet with glass doors. It not only gives the users a clear view of the stored contents but also allows the schools to showcase their equipment to visiting guests.


  • High grade, tamper-proof locks.
  • Tempered shatter-proof glass to keep the expensive gadgets locked safely.
  • Big interior shelves to store bulky microscopes.
  • Hardwood veneer shelves with a storage capacity of 180 lbs with a chemical-resistant UV finish.
  • Wire adjustable dividers for versatile storage of different-sized microscopes.
Lab work tables cum storage cabinets

For ages, the lab work table has provided the space to store anything and everything in a lab. In recent years, the lab table has evolved in terms of design, material, make, finish and features. Here’s what a trendy lab table looks like today:


  • Chemical-resistant flat table tops with a sink and connecting hoses.
  • Mirrors and markerboards for safe supervision of lab procedures.
  • Built-in storage units to maximize the use of space.
  • Protected AC duplex electrical outlet with insulated electrical cords.
  • Heavy-duty swivel casters to facilitate mobility.
  • Unbreakable aluminium sliding glides with a safety lock.

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Storage Solutions For Learning Labs

In Chennai, the present curriculum calls for a plethora of other “learning labs” for subjects such as computer science, arts, media, music, etc. These subjects need storage space mainly to keep their project paraphernalia.

  • Flat storage cabinets

    Flat storage cupboards are most suitable for safely putting away art projects, blueprints, archaeological files, and research documents.


  • Flat table top made of laminated or veneer wood.
  • Horizontal rows of spacious drawers.
  • Single or double handles for easy opening and closing.
  • Combination of large shelves and small flat-file storage space.

Trendy Storage Options For Classrooms

Built-in wall cupboards and plain wooden shelves are boring concepts. Classroom storage cabinets are a trendy complement to the desks and chairs that adorn today’s classrooms in Chennai.

Work island counters
Stylish island counters are extremely versatile, serving more than one purpose at a time. Not only do they facilitate collaboration in the classroom, they also come with extra storage space that is classy and contemporary in design.


  • Adjustable shelf and drawer space for each student.
  • Flat table top made of plywood, or moulded plastic.
  • Availability of shapes such as clover, oval, round, or square for visual appeal.
  • High-duty casters to facilitate mobility.

Keyless school lockers
Lockers can be found in classrooms in certain institutions that cannot allot a separate room to function as a locker bay. Having a locker within the reach of students adds to their convenience.


  • Ample storage space with concealed electrical wiring to charge stored electronic items.
  • Vented side plates to promote airflow.
  • Lock that can be accessed only with a secure pin.
multi-color storage furniture that has 8 pull-out drawers with handle

Storage facilities for school libraries

School libraries have drastically changed to include electronic and digital information apart from books. Here’s some trendsetting library furniture:

  • Laptop charging cabinets
    These are large compartments that can safely hold electronic devices that can be charged while being stored. Designed to keep the devices dust-free, these cabinets also ensure that nothing overheats while charging.
  • Multimedia shelves
    These shelves come in handy in libraries where hoards of CDs need to be archived. Available as half-racks or full height storage shelves, they can hold up to 300 or 600 CDs.

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