Furniture Trends That Are Reshaping Hostel Rooms

Hostels are a blessing in disguise for parents whose kids have to move out of home for education or seek a career. It is a dream of every teenager to live a free life away from the restrictions that are present at home. Hostels come in useful when students find it very tiring to travel back and forth from home to school. The hostel is an ideal alternative for accommodation, but not many people find them completely comfortable. People have pictures of long halls filled with beds and students in their mind, and they find that very inconvenient when compared to their own homes.

We are leading hostel furniture manufacturers in Chennai who understand the importance of providing a comfortable space in hostels that make students feel at home. We are aware of the parents’ main concern regarding the different amenities that will be available in a hostel room. We ensure that hostel rooms are just not cheap accommodation but a room complete with essential furniture that are of high standards.

Hostel Furniture Manufacturers In Chennai Explain The Best Layouts For Hostel Rooms

The layout of the hostel depends on the space available in the hostel room. We provide different layouts based on the space, namely, the privacy layout, social layout, feng shui layouts and functional layout. Most of our customers in Chennai love to have a mix of all these options to accommodate students of different types. A private layout will have a single bed, study desks and wardrobes for a single user. We also divide a big hall into single spaces by dividing it into cubicles. The wardrobe or dresser can be a perfect divider which will offer more floor space. Social layouts are mostly used to create a welcoming atmosphere for the students. We do this by adding a seating area to the butt end of the bed to create a readymade place to sit together. A desk next to the bed and a rug with pillows are additional elements of this layout.

Dual colour twin bunker cot with safety guard and ladder
Good quality and safe furniture will make the students feel at home and comfortable. Modern and attractive hostel room make-over is the primary selection factor for parents who choose hostel for their kids.

Feng shui is a Chinese arrangement of rooms that works well for single rooms. This layout follows a few rules. The space near the window is seen as an energy space, and we do not place any items on the window sill. The bed is placed farther from the window, but the study desk can be placed near the window. None of these should block light coming in from the window. Other furniture can be placed at interesting angles to create an exciting space. A functional layout will provide the best space for studying. The study desk will occupy centre space where the students have room for an open discussion in a group. The bed will be lined along the wall. These layouts help us design a hostel room that will create a homely atmosphere for the students.

We are one of the leading school furniture manufacturers in Chennai. Innovation and creativity go hand in hand with every single school furniture we offer. Our wide range of products include:

New Trends In Hostel Furniture

The new trends in hostel furniture are redefining the hostel industry. Quality furniture helps create hip hangouts for their guests. It is an affordable space for the millennials who love to travel and yearn to move out of the home. Hostels in Chennai are now turning into posh spaces where guests love to hang out. These types of hostels have rooftop decks, local restaurants, bars and disco clubs. We make such hostel rooms an aesthetically pleasing space which they rent cheaply and make a profit through the food and bar. Hostels don’t follow a standard pattern and paints. New trends ensure the local vibe is brought indoors. We provide planters, trees and fireplaces that will make guests feel at home. Modern windows and fixtures ensure there is enough light in the room.

Hostels no longer feel like a dungeon or located far from cities. They get to feel the local experience inside the hostel. Semi-private rooms with two beds are more common. Bunk beds are replaced by twin beds. Hostel furniture trends are turning modern. Sleek and minimalist designs are making their way into the hostel rooms. Modern tables and chairs, and streamlined sofas with a pop of colours make guests choose hostels to stay. Most guests choose hostels based on the comfort factor.