Splendidly Designed Kindergarten Furniture From Inspace, Chennai

Kindergarten is the primary early learning environment for every child. Kindergartners are active, intuitive, and inquisitive. To augment their learning potential, institutions must facilitate an environment that fosters their ability to read, write, interact, and feel at home. Inspace kindergarten furniture is specially designed to make the little ones feel confident and comfortable as they enter the new world of education. Inspace children’s furniture is engineered with flexible seating options to allow kids to move freely and comfortably.

Fabricated to perfection, Inspace kindergarten furniture is an important aspect of the sustained healthy development of early childhood in young children.

Kindergarten furniture multicolor quartette height adjustable table with 4 multi-color chairs

Elegantly Crafted Kindergarten Classroom Furniture

All the schools in Chennai follow the standard education pattern enrolling kids for kindergarten schooling starting at the age of three years. Irrespective of the various school boards, the role of apt furniture is undeniable in a school environment, starting from kindergarten onwards. Furnish your classrooms with bespoke Montessori school furniture from Inspace, Chennai. Our preschool classroom furniture is designed to be lightweight and sturdy. Safety and comfort are our top priorities which makes us the most trustworthy furniture manufacturer in Chennai. Our kindergarten tables are crafted to make them suitable for different tasks. Inspace reigns supreme as the best classroom furniture suppliers because we cater to a large number of schools and preschools across India.

Our wide range of kids school furniture is reputed for its durability and aesthetic designs.

Here are the other amazing features of our high-quality play school furniture, that are functional and safe:

  • Single moulded laminated plywood or plywood with polish
  • Powder-coated finish for extra durability
  • Biggest Range of colour options
  • Hot-pressed plywood seats for comfort
  • MDF board table tops
  • PVC foil vacuum form finish to avoid sharp edges
  • Height-adjustability
Inspace School Furniture is one of the leading names for school furniture located in Chennai. We have a gamut of classroom furniture for pre-kg to PG. Our dedicated and professional team administers and delivers a superior range of school furniture that includes school office furniture, classroom chairs, school benches, library bookshelves,kindergarten furniture, and many more. The zero-flawed products come at a competitive price, along with excellent technical support and services. We specialize in providing high-quality classroom furniture that meets all standards.

Top-notch Kindergarten Classroom Furniture

At Inspace, we give special focus on kindergarten furniture. Our ergonomic and functional kindergarten chairs and tables come with extra safety features. Only with Inspace, you find the option of customizing your kindergarten furniture to suit your school environment. Choose from the most cheerful colours and the most enigmatic designs and transform the classroom into a modern & lovable learning environment.
KG Triplet Furniture


1. How have you built-in safety aspects in your kindergarten school furniture products?
Kindergarten furniture designed using the highest safety standards stipulated for kids’ furniture. The kindergarten play school furniture comes with a smooth surface, without sharp edges and is child safe. Inspace kindergarten school furniture is especially known for their comfort & safety and is child friendly.
2. What are the size variations you have in your kindergarten furniture?
Kindergarten tables are of 1200mm diameter and 450 mm height – 4 and 6 seaters are available Also, we have a 2400 * 750 mm height seater table and 1550 *450 mm 3 seater bean table. Tables of different shapes with size range 600 to 1350mm dia to 350 to 1120 mm height available. Different variations aimed and different activity themes to attract little kids and promote collaborative learning.
3. Do products fade in colour?
Inspace kindergarten furniture products are meant for Indoor Use. We recommend that they are not exposed to harsh sunlight, rain, dust, etc. This may result in fading of colours and the furniture may also end up getting brittle over time.
4. What are the class ( standard) groups that your kindergarten furniture products cater to?
This furniture is specially designed for Kindergarten. We also have classroom furniture for Class 1 to 3, 4 to 6,7 to 9, 10th class & above, and for universities.
5. How do you make children’s classrooms visually appealing using your kindergarten school furniture?
You can choose from a wide variety of exquisite furniture to make the kids get back to their classrooms every day.
Our exclusive furniture for the KG kids are given below:
Square, Round, Triangle, Diamond, Bean shaped tables are available with 3 or 4 vertical support lines
Few other designs are given below:
Triplet – with 4 vertical support legs
Flower – with 4 vertical support legs
Wave – with 4 vertical support legs
Share – with 3 vertical support legs
Quartet – this tabletop is made of 4 different color circles beautifully joined together – with 4 vertical support legs
Butterfly shaped tables – with 4 vertical support legs
Trapezoid – with 4 vertical support legs
Kudo 02 model is with 5 vertical support legs
Cute Variations Of Kindergarten Table And Chairs
Choose from the lovable variations of early childhood furniture
KG Table Set
childrens playschool table trio 2
preschool classroom furniture table polo 2
Multicolor Preschool KG Table With Chairs
early childhood kids table bean 1
Bean shaped

The tables are available with 3 or 4 vertical support lines

Other adorable designs:

  • Triplet – 4 vertical support legs,
  • Flower – 4 vertical support legs
  • Wave – 4 vertical support legs
  • Share – 3 vertical support legs
  • Quartet – Made of 4 different colour circles joined together, with 4 vertical support legs
  • Butterfly shaped – with 4 vertical support legs
  • Trapezoid – with 4 vertical support legs
  • Kudo 02 model- with 5 vertical support legs
Chair variations
  • Specially made chairs for Toddlers
  • Chairs with plywood polish, laminated plywood seat & backrest
  • 2 different designs in the backrest
Bean shaped kindergarten table in yellow and red with 6 multi-color student chairs and one teacher chair in yellow color

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