Upgrading & Refreshing Kindergarten Classroom

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Kindergarten furniture enhances learning and helps kids grow physically and mentally. Furniture is an essential component for preschoolers, and so it requires an upgrade from time to time. Research states that kids’ development in school premises entirely depends on the equipment they interact with daily. Thus, this article highlights the significance of kindergarten furniture and how it impacts a child’s development and growth. Inspace school furniture offers a multitude of educational furniture designs right from preschool with the best quality and at affordable rates. Keep reading to know more about ways to upgrade a kindergarten classroom.

An Insight Into Kindergarten Furniture

Kindergarten furniture positively influences the lives of many kids. A few essential preschool furniture are desks, chairs and storage equipment. More than being comfortable, they have to be attractive and trendy. Kids have a short attention span, and catchy colours with stylish designs will make them happy. As young minds love to carry belongings from home to the classroom, the furniture must have ample storage space. While storing their favourite things in a safe place in the classroom, the sense of security helps them concentrate and participate actively in various activities.

The tables and chairs must be designed to meet the ergonomic standards to ensure students’ safety. Customisable storage units attract the kids’ attention and keep up with modern trends. The art room and library equipment are other kindergarten furniture with great significance in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and other states in India.

Ways to Upgrade Kindergarten Furniture

If a student cannot focus in the classroom, even an excellent curriculum will fall short. Research shows that the changes in the classroom setup can help a student focus and concentrate better. The space where a student learns will impact their overall learning process. By implementing the following practices, a positive shift in the student’s learning can happen.

Change Matters

Upgrading classroom furniture does not have to involve huge investments. Different sectors and zones in class help students think differently. Even a small change will have a huge impact on the kids. Clearing a classroom will help students gather for presentations and announcements with more space to move around. Thus, any change is a good chance to inspire different thoughts amongst students.

Motivating Activities

Pinning up peers’ work and informational posters on the classroom walls will help students achieve and improve participation. Research states that students develop effective visual stimuli to incidental learning when motivated in the right way. The poster concept can go beyond the classroom walls to fill up the entire school and reach more students.


Cleaning the classroom is a much-needed upgradation. Air purifying machines are a great option to help vent and circulate the air. A budget-friendly option would be installing plants. Cleaning from time to time will be the best move to improve students’ health and prevent them from falling sick.


Studies reveal that yellow and orange are the colours that energise and excite students. Greens and blue are best to calm a person. Therefore, colours like blue or green are ideal for a quiet reading corner. For meeting areas, bright oranges, reds, and yellows will serve right as they stimulate the students to explore.

Space Analysis

Analysing and understanding the role of every piece of furniture will give better ideas to manage the space. Re-arranging a classroom helps the students to learn effectively. By considering the teacher’s footprint, transforming the classroom into a student-friendly and highly approachable zone is possible. Another simple way to establish a highly accessible classroom space will be by organising interactive stations.

Most importantly, the teacher’s space must also be open for students to develop an ambience that aids a better student-teacher bonding. Though the classroom is beautifully organised, it will go in vain if the students cannot access it. Students will reap huge benefits by interacting with desks, reading corners and cabinets. With better accessibility to all areas and things in a classroom, students will start to focus and concentrate properly.

Students' Choice

Offering students the power to control or change their learning environment will help them grow into self-sufficient learners. Student feedback plays a major role here. Teachers can ask kindergarten students to answer the follower questions:
Teachers can analyse and take steps to fix the classroom accordingly by knowing it. This strategy will surely bring about a harmonious learning environment in the class.

How to Effectively Upgrade a Classroom?

The primary step to upgrade a classroom must be to track the inventory of benches, chairs and other furniture. Chairs are the real workhorses in a classroom as they provide comfort. It is necessary to invest in an ergonomically designed table and chair to create an excellent learning environment. Let us know more about the ways to upgrade a classroom.
  1. Investing in more desks and chairs to fill the room space will expand the class capacity. Chairs are available in plenty of designs and materials like resin, hardwood and bentwood. Matching chairs to desks or buying a complete set will allow children to perform classwork efficiently. Take care to purchase the right size of the table and chair. Installing resin chairs will be a brilliant move as they won’t peel or chip and require less maintenance.
  2. A quiet area for reading is necessary for certain classrooms. Comfortable seating with good cushioning with thick foam will be ideal for filling the reading corner space. A bean bag is another choice for a non-conventional classroom to accommodate the reading corner.
  3. A portable and inviting lightweight stool is ideal for kids to involve in class activities. Activity rugs or carpets will help children work with more creativity and innovation during free play.
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Teachers must ensure that the furniture size and dimension fits every student in the class. They can cross verify with the standard guidelines chart. The material of the furniture plays a vital role in its longevity. The kindergarten furniture is created with the best materials like bentwood, resin or hardwood.

1. Resin

Resin is ideal for outside environmental conditions in places like Tamil Nadu as it can withstand any amount of UV radiation and is resistant to fading. It is available in various colours and is easy to clean. The advantage of using resin over other materials is that it requires no hardware and is safe for children.

2. Bentwood

Bentwood is smooth and plain with layers of birch. These require mild cleaning and more maintenance than resin. Bentwood is strictly for indoor use as it cannot withstand environmental conditions.

3. Hardwood

Hardwood is a classy and attractive material, which is heavy. Therefore, it is sturdier than any other furniture available on the commercial market.

Flooring Ideas

If you want to purchase chairs, consider the flooring and then make the right choice. Hardwood and bentwood chairs will perform great if the classroom floor is carpeted or made of tiles. Swivel glide or ball glide are options while choosing chairs based on flooring.

Swivel glides are ideal for a tiled floor as they will help adjust and form a levelled workspace. Felt and nylon are the two materials used in swivel glides. Felt is the best choice amongst the two options to reduce noise and protect the floor from damage.

A ball glide works great with carpeted floors. The nylon and polypropylene balls make it easy to move the chair from one place to another on the carpet. But they are restricted on waxed floors as they scuff the floor. If the classroom floor is a mix of short carpets and tile, install suitable seating solutions for the sections accordingly.

Wrap Up

Considering the budget constraints, a school can make the required upgradation one after the other in a few years. By analysing what factors help aid the learning process, the school administration has to make the right decision. Follow the techniques mentioned above to develop a suitable kindergarten space for the budding talents in the best possible way.