The Complete Guide To School Lab Furniture Maintenance

A laboratory is a specially designated area, whether it is in a school, college, or research institute. It is a place that runs with specific protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of the people using its resources.

Most schools in Tamil Nadu have a lab for each science subject: biology, physics, and chemistry. Some schools even have labs for subjects like Computer Science.

Regardless of its purpose, a lab can only be effective if it is well-maintained, including the furniture. But why furniture? This is one of the key components without which a laboratory cannot function.

Inspace School Furniture is a top manufacturer and supplier of lab furniture for educational institutions. We offer a wide range of lab worktop tables, cabinets, and stools that can be customised to your specifications. Our lab furniture is made of the finest quality materials and built to last for generations of students. Such excellent furniture requires equally excellent maintenance practices.

This article covers some of the basics of school lab furniture maintenance and some great tips for cleaning and disinfection. Let’s first deal with the biggest furniture in the lab- the countertop tables.
school physics laboratory furniture triple beam

Guidelines For Lab Countertop Table Maintenance

A countertop table is the main school lab furniture that imparts a special appearance to any lab. In schools, all labs have a countertop table to allow students to:
Depending on their purpose, labs have wet or dry countertops. All Biology and Chemistry labs have countertop tables that include a small sink with taps. Besides, all countertops have access to electrical outlets fitted on the sides of the tables. Generally, all these aspects should be considered when scheduling countertop maintenance. You should:

Taking care of lab countertops

Generally, lab countertops are made of any one of these four materials:
  1. Epoxy resin
  2. Maple
  3. Phenolic resin
  4. Stainless steel
Each material requires different maintenance practices, which we have listed for your benefit.

Epoxy resin


Phenolic resin

Stainless Steel

Once you have taken care of your laboratory countertops, you can plan to disinfect and sanitise your lab.

Sanitisation and disinfection are always a priority. Besides, with Covid-19 playing havoc, disinfection has become a critical factor in labs around the world. Regular disinfection and sanitisation play an important role in keeping the entire lab free of contaminants and pathogens.

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Standards make things safer and easier to use. Attention to detail given to every process in a manufacturing stage can help maintain high-quality standards. Quality and reliable furniture will add costs to both the school and the manufacturers. ANSI, BIFMA, SEFA and Underwriters Laboratory are some of the certifications available for various products that need electrical assemblies, laboratory seating and more. With the rapid increase in technology, mass production of innovative furniture and efficient manufacturing processes have made things easier.

Disinfection Your School Lab Furniture: The Steps Involved

Step 1: Develop and implement a plan

To devise a proper plan to disinfect your school lab furniture, you need to determine:
Once you have devised a plan based on these answers, you can commence the procedure. Ensure you use only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved cleaning materials and Covid-19 disinfectants.

Step 2: Disinfect all high-touch points

Ideally, all high-touch surfaces in a lab need to be cleaned and disinfected twice or thrice every day to keep the students safe from any infection. High-touch surfaces that pose COVID-19 risk in a laboratory include:

Step 3: Use approved disinfectants

Under the current circumstances, you may need to reassess and revamp your sanitisation, disinfection, and hand-washing procedures. Always ensure an adequate supply of cleaning materials and PPE equipment for lab workers. Additionally, please ensure that all workstations are thoroughly disinfected with EPA or CDC-approved materials to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection. However- a word of caution: Never mix cleaning or disinfecting products with bleach or other materials. When mixed, these chemicals can emit toxic vapours and cause mild to lethal health hazards for everyone within the lab’s vicinity.

School Lab Furniture Maintenance Tips To Follow

1. Follow a proper schedule

Ideally, your school lab furniture should be cleaned every single day. But how many times in a day depends upon the number of shifts and the spills and contamination levels.

2. Use only the right materials

To derive optimum results from your maintenance practices, using only the recommended materials for cleaning or disinfection is imperative. Always check the furniture manufacturer’s recommendations before using any material on the furniture. Always have a gentle soft cloth and a mild detergent in the lab to clean up spills and stains before they damage the furniture.

3. Never expose furniture to spills

Never expose lab countertop tables, stools, and chairs to standing water or chemical spills. It is always better to clean up any moisture, even if your furniture is moisture resistant. Additionally, do not expose countertop tables to extreme sunlight. It will damage the paint on the table surface.

4. Ensure proper placement of lab furniture

Always ensure the lab is constructed as per the guidelines and rules. Next, make sure all the countertop tables are placed flat on the ground. Proper placement will ensure that the table bears the uniform weight and does not topple over when used.

5. Always invest in storage solutions

All labs need proper cabinets and shelves to store equipment, books, tools, chemicals, and whatever else is on the list. Adding storage solutions to your lab is the best way to eliminate clutter and maintain an organised environment. You can opt for:
The Finale
A lab, whether big or small, is a huge investment. Having the right school lab furniture and equipment are critical to providing a high-quality, safe space for your students. Inspace School Furniture in Tamil Nadu can provide you with all the furniture you need for your school laboratories. Our lab furniture is water and chemical resistant, durable, spacious, and aesthetically appealing. Our team can also give you the right guidance for lab furniture maintenance. Reach out to our experts today!