Inspace, Chennai : Makers of Trendy Library Bookshelves

Create effective and favourable study spaces with Inspace library shelves!! Libraries are places that nurture knowledge and learning. Inspace Furniture, Chennai manufactures brilliantly designed quality steel shelves that perfectly complement the reading environment. Choose from our eclectic range of single and double-sided units to fit your large or small library. Get them customized to the perfect height and size to optimize the use of space.

Inspace display shelving and compact shelving library bookcases have transformed libraries across Chennai’s famed academic institutions ranging from large universities to small private schools. Make space for more books with Inspace library shelves that are complementary and classic.

Library Book Racks And Library Bookshelves Designs

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The literacy rate of Chennai is 90.33%. It ranks second amongst the metropolitan cities. Libraries in schools indeed play a major role in inculcating a passion for learning at an early stage. Neat shelving of books fosters great learning habits in students. At Inspace we aspire to give you the best library book racks that serve their purpose for a lifetime. Avail extra-wide iron book-racks that allow you to stack books that are big and bulky. Fill up your library space with our modular shelving system that will encourage students to make reading an everyday habit.
  • 1mm thick CR sheet library shelves
  • Powder-coated with aquamarine blue shade
  • Slanting shelves with stoppers
  • Storage shelves with top moving glass shutters
  • Handle and lock for each shutter
  • Spot-welded CRCA sheets with 4 shelves to make a closed storage panel
Inspace School Furniture is a one-stop-shop for all school furniture requirements in Chennai. With 30 years of experience in the field of school classroom furniture manufacturing, we are now the leading school furniture suppliers in Chennai. We offer a broad spectrum of school and classroom furniture that includes school tables, classroom chairs, school desks, library furniture, playschool furniture, and more. We cover all aspects of school requirements from pre-kg to PG with quality, passion, and also offer exceptional comfort.

Special Features Of Library Book Shelves

As reputed school furniture manufacturers in Chennai, Inspace library furniture is widely used in the school library reading rooms, waiting lounges, and reception areas. Increase the visibility and accessibility of the books with our single-faced and double-faced shelves that are operable on both sides.
Inspace library shelves are the first choice because they have an ideal set up pattern that makes for hassle-free installation.
  • Anti-scratch library shelves
  • Customized sizes
  • Exclusive narrow cornice design
  • Robust and stable
  • High and wide for easy retrieval
  • Maximum use of minimum space
  • Glass doors for easy identification of books

Library Book Rack Variations That Will Make You Go Wow

  • Library shelves with a completely closed storage space secured with Godrej lock and 3-way bolting system
  • Library shelves with a closed space containing shelves that make compartments which has openable doors with glass panes & Godrej lock
  • Iron book rack for the library with closed storage and moving sliding shutters made of glass
  • Open library shelves with 6 panels. It will have 5 compartments with single side and access from both sides
  • Library shelves with a set of swing doors up to 750 mm height and 9 top sliding doors at the side
  • An open shelving system that equips libraries and educational space to hold periodicals, manuals, and reference material.


1. Apart from bookshelves, what are the other book storage furniture available at Inspace?
We have a magazine rack to stack up your journals and newspaper stand to stack your newspapers.
2. Are there any variations available on open shelves?
Yes, open shelves are available in two different styles, providing one side access and both side access.
3. What type of material is used in the library shelves/racks?
CR sheets, CRCA sheets, PLB, BSL, OSL, PVC strip are the materials we use to bring out the best in various shelving options.
4. What are the different types of library racks available with you?
We have an impressive range of display and storage units for your school library. Display racks without doors, periodical display racks with top sliding doors, bookcase with top moving glass shutter doors, steel racks with openable glass doors, stunning pyramid book stack, and plain cupboard with Godrej lock.