Incredible Ideas To Create Library Bookshelves From Top Library Furniture Manufacturers In Chennai

Shelving is a process of arranging library bookshelves in such a way that accessing books is made easy for students. It is a never-ending and a thankless process which must be done. It is important as shelving follows a set process and based on a catalogue using which a librarian can locate the book. If there are misplaced books or books are not re-shelved, it will be tough to locate the book. It is a standard rule that the books be reshelved before 24 hours if its return to the library. Shelving increases speed and efficiency in a library. A backlog of un-shelved books will delay service as we will end up taking the time to locate the book. As prime suppliers of school furniture in Chennai, we design and manufacture different types of library bookshelves for schools and colleges.

Library back to back shelving

Different Types Of Amazing Library Bookshelves From Library Furniture Manufacturers In Chennai

We have been providing clients in Chennai with different types of shelving options that increase the usability of the library. Apart from the wide collection of books, a library will also have audio-visual materials, paperback and periodicals and special displays for new books. Innovative and creative types of storage shelving will increase the capacity in a library. We have two types of storage solutions for libraries, compact and traditional storage solutions. Compact solutions can store more books than traditional types. Compact mobile shelving is done by moving stacks of shelves to one side so an aisle can be opened up. Such shelves are heavy and must be fixed to the ground for safety reasons.

A slider drawer system is also a fixed framework that has individual shelves and more aisle room than compact or standard shelving. Library bookshelves can be open or closed stacks. It is good to have both types of shelving. Open stack gives complete access to all the materials placed on the shelf. The open stack will require more re-shelving and maintenance and there is an extra issue of security. The students can replace books wrongly resulting in mis-shelving. Most of the time students are discouraged from placing the books back. If not placed correctly, the books may not be easily found. This makes collecting, sorting, and re-shelving and maintenance easy.

Library shelves can be free-standing, wall-mounted or roll away shelves. Different types of library resources require different storing styles to make it easy to store and display resources. Proper shelving provides an inclusive and welcoming environment for the patrons.

Closed stack collection is any shelf that is not open to the general public. Selective and valuable materials are kept inside closed stack shelves. The stacks are closed to protect materials from the general public. Materials have to be requested to the librarian for its access. Such closed stack shelves are more prevalent in universities, archival collections and special libraries. Closed stacks will have narrower aisles than open stacks. High demand materials can be kept in closed stacks to make it less accessible. Library with a large collection of materials will have both types of shelves to accommodate all kinds of materials.

Designing Library Bookshelves Layout

Library bookshelf manufacturers in Chennai help assess requirements before customizing shelves for libraries. We need to know if the customers are fine with using displays and other shelving accessories. We will also need to know if the shelving will present flexible space and comfortable seating. Shelving has to make it easier for patrons to use and access books. Extra shelving will also be useful to place extra materials and resources.

A great design and layout will help provide a welcoming space for its patrons. A plan to design that provides complete access and flexibility to students will help bring out a great environment in the library. The library classification system will be supported by notes displays. This will help in arranging books in an orderly manner. Academic books and fictions must be segregated in alphabetical order. We can arrange by type or genre and by the audience. It will help identify and access books easily and will also be able to maintain order in a library.