Learn Smarter With Smart School Desks

With more number of global schools evolving in and around Chennai, school classroom infrastructure is a key checkpoint for present-day parents in choosing the right school for their kids. At Inspace, we aim to create a smarter learning environment for the student and teacher community alike by offering ergonomically designed smart school desks that are vital for the classroom to function. We are one of the leading school furniture suppliers, who provide school desks that provide both functionality and comfort to promote the attentiveness of students . Inspace classroom benches are designed in such a way that the students can sit comfortably without having to face any postural issues in the future. Go for Inspace and choose the perfect blend of affordable pricing, aesthetics, and ergonomics!
Elegant single seater school chair and desk with book rack understructure

Premium Classroom Benches & Desks

We are one of the leading school desk manufacturers who adopt trendy designs that fuse aesthetics and functionality in one to meet today’s changing educational needs. At Inspace, we offer you unique classroom benches with back support. Our school writing desk doubles up as the perfect accompaniment for group activities among students. We work in coordination with a team of expert designers who come up with designs that make us the most loved school desk manufacturer.
  • Student desks for classrooms coated with 60 microns powder coating
  • Steel portion of student desks for classrooms powder coated with 60 microns.
  • Edges of classroom furniture are edge banded / postformed
  • Most of the kindergarten furniture are vacuum formed to avoid sharp edges.
  • Our height adjustable desks are convenient for students of varied heights.
Collaborative learning has changed the school environment. Innovative classroom furniture helped this trend become successful. We have the solutions your facility needs to provide the safest atmosphere possible. The physical environment that a student spends must motivate learning and hence the right furniture must be used.

School Bench Features That Encompass Finesse

At Inspace, we offer you nothing but the best school furniture in Chennai! We offer you a wide range of furniture made of the highest quality materials in classy designs that uplifts the aesthetics of your learning environment.
Easy to clean,
easy to use
Strong enough to withstand wear and tear
Compact design to easily fit in any space
Sturdy, stylish and comfortable features
Designed, and manufactured in India

Variety of classroom furniture to choose from

Rectangular desk with an understructure rack and 2 stylish chairs in blue and grey colour combination
  • 21st century learning environment
  • Accommodates learning, teaching method as well as technological advance
  • Desk top with round edges
  • Comfortable sitting posture
  • Better storage space
  • Mobility for furniture re arrangement
  • Colour options to suit your classroom decor


1. What is the school desk top made of?
Desk top is made out of 18mm thick pre-lam particle board / MDF with flex laminates / MDF with PVC foil with different edge finish like edge banding with PVC tape / post formed finish / vacuum formed finish.
2. Are the school benches ergonomically safe?
We have taken great efforts to ensure that our School Desks & Benches are ergonomically designed and allow full back support.
3. What is the height of the desk made for high school students?
X std and above: 750mm and 450mm All our school desks are designed with perfect dimensions that suit children of different ages. Our high school 2 seater desks are of 700 mm height, 400mm seat height and 1050 mm in length.
4. Are there any color options for the desks?
To make the classroom more appealing, we do have Red/Caribe/Orange/Blue/Green/Yellow colors available for Top, Seat, and Backrest of the desk. Mix and match the colours to suit your classroom themes.
5. Do the school benches and desks have enough legroom for children to move around?
Inspace school desks are easy for students to get in and out of. The rounded edges and concave work area makes for a comfortable individual workspace. Inspace student desk is one of the best desk options for students, especially when paired with the correctly sized bench. The 2 seater school desks are wider, deeper, and perfectly designed for collaborative learning.