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Schools, of late, are embracing the culture of adopting new classroom designs. Gone are the old, boring ways of arranging desks one after the other. Gone are the drab-looking school desks, rigid, straight back chairs and benches and worn-out blackboards. The new classroom designs are innovative, colourful, trendy and inspiring.

Experts are laying emphasis on the fact that the classroom should literally beckon the child to enter and have a fun-filled day of learning. The entire environment should be motivating enough to boost the learning process. Studies show that a well-designed classroom can boost a child’s progress by nearly 16%.
Sensory factors like colour, sound and light have a massive effect on the learning interests of children. These factors are relatively easy to alter and adjust. We show you how to change the look of your classrooms to make them a wonderful learning environment.
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Creating A 21st Century Classroom

The 21st-century classroom is all about the flexibility of design. The shift is more pupil-focussed rather than teacher-focussed. There are 3 important factors that determine the change in the classroom environment:
  • Versatile seating options
  • Classroom displays
  • Mobile furniture
Based on these factors, here are some awesome tips to help you improve student interaction and academic performance:
  • Invest in movable furniture that will allow you to create groups rather than arranging classroom furniture in the traditional way.
  • Low, tables, soft seating, transportable glass partitions and screens can be used to encourage group activities.
  • Arrange classroom furniture to create a free-flow around the classroom for children and the teachers.
  • Keep the classroom clutter-free to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • Use the wall space to put up poster boards. Use the space to display students’ artwork and academic accomplishments.
  • Choose furniture that will make the classroom adaptable and flexible.

Bespoke School Furniture From Inspace

Inspace is a name to reckon with for aesthetic, and durable school furniture in Chennai. We manufacture the widest range of classroom furniture in our very own production unit. We undertake bulk order and customization to give you furniture that will alter the very look of your school environment. Our classroom furniture products are ingeniously designed for optimal use in schools/colleges.

Giving A Touch Of Magic WIth The Perfect Classroom Furniture

Classroom furniture is not just another mandatory accessory. It is a crucial ingredient that makes the atmosphere feel welcoming and encouraging. Manufacturers are coming up with innovative and trendy designs that make classroom furniture adaptable, flexible, durable, light-weight and portable.
Montessori classroom furniture is no longer in the boring old brown colour. Available in bright and vibrant hues, they are child-proof and robust enough to last for many years. There are plenty of ways in which the furniture itself can be used to change the environment of a classroom:
  • School desks and chairs should be adjustable to fit the height and size of the students who use them. This will enhance better concentration and focus.
  • Lockers and trolleys will help to create a clutter-free space.
  • Storage units like cupboards and lockers should be of the right height to allow easy access.
  • Choose ergonomically designed chairs to encourage the students to sit and work comfortably.
  • Create the right visual-stimulation by putting up just the right amount of displays on the walls.
  • Make use of colourful boards rather than the old black-board.
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  • Rearrange classroom furniture at regular intervals to make it interactive and exciting for the students.

How To Create A Positive Vibe In The Classroom

A classroom is a place that needs to brim with positive energy. It is such a crucial aspect because it leaves an ever-lasting effect on the minds of the students. Only when students love their learning environment, they will be eager to learn and grow. How can schools channel the positive vibe and energy in a classroom?
  • As a rule of thumb, there should be no cluttering on the walls and floors. It will be wise not to overload the space with furniture, posters, wall hangings, etc.
  • Allow natural light to spill in.
  • There must be enough doors and windows for cross-ventilation.
  • Artificial lighting should not be harsh. Use the correct lighting to keep students alert and focussed.
  • Too much glare and heat from the sunlight can be blocked out by using blinds.
  • Choose the right colour paint for the walls. Muted tones can create a calming atmosphere, while bright colours stimulate excitement and fun.

Tips To Design Furniture For A Smart Classroom

  • Furniture should be flexible to augment an interactive environment in the classroom.
  • Chairs and desks should be light and portable so that students can move them around freely.
  • Chairs should be ergonomically designed to help students maintain a good sitting posture.
  • Collaborative round tables will encourage active interaction and discussion between students.
  • Desks should have extra storage space and slots to keep water bottles. Book boxes with a provision for locks will ensure that students’ belongings are safe and secure.
  • Desktops should be easy to clean and maintain.
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Be inspired and ready to give your classroom the makeover it requires!