Ingeniously Designed School Benches for the best seating Arrangements in Classrooms

The classroom is a vital space in a student’s life where they spend most of their time. Classrooms should be a catalyst in their learning process. Inspace, manufacturer of best School classroom furniture in Chennai reiterate on the fact that school furniture should provide a level of comfort that students require so they can stay upright and concentrate during the class hours. Seating can very well impact learning. Students should be able to sit comfortably for long hours. The right kind of school benches will make students sit in a good posture. A good classroom environment and seating arrangement will help students concentrate on their learning process. School benches and desks should support the child’s weight and give ample space for movement.

Too upright or a sluggish posture can lead to pressure on the diaphragm which will lead to back pain, neck pain, and breathing difficulties. Small-sized chairs will cause a restriction in movements causing poor circulation of blood, tension around the shoulders, neck and back. Such issues will lead to poor concentration which will affect learning.
Classroom furniture should also fit the style of teaching adopted by the school. All schools should ensure a comfortable classroom environment which will invariably affect the performance of the students.
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Arranging School Benches And Desks For Better Learning

It is a tricky job to have a seating arrangement that suits all students. The teaching methodology applied by schools will also have an impact on the school bench and desk set up. Every subject is different and will have different learning styles. There are several seating styles available for classrooms. The most popular arrangement of school benches is to pair them up. Students can either work independently or together as a pair. It is fun to manage two students at a time rather than a group of students. Three columns of paired school benches will be most easy to manage in a classroom environment.

When you want your students to work individually, grid type seating arrangement will be ideal. The students will be confined to their work and they can’t talk to each other or watch what others are doing. Grid arrangement will be most suitable for tests and exams. Letting all students seated in a line or two is called presentation. During a presentation or demonstration, you want the attention of all students and get them involved as well. It helps teachers as they want the focus of the student, allows them to easily see all that is happening in the front of the classroom, and divides their attention.

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When you want to put their heads together, you can have a group of four arrangements. This way students can easily work on projects and assignments. Group of 4 can let students work in groups or individually. This arrangement makes socializing easier and students tend to make friendships in the class. Corner work seating arrangement is used for accomplishing big projects or teaching comprehensive topics that have different themes or aspects. The teacher can assign each theme or assignment to one corner so students in the team can concentrate on their tasks. U-shape arrangement helps teachers conduct discussions in class. It is easy to observe students and give individual attention.

Seating Arrangements For Different Learning Types

In a classroom of 30 to 59 students, one will find a variety of learning types. It is easier for a school to cater to all the learning needs of a student. But an apt seating arrangement can make all the difference. You can have a mix of the above-mentioned seating arrangements. Like, you can have pairs and groups of fours in a class. Another way to manage different learning types is not to have a set desk assigned to a chair. The student can use the desk when in need. This flexible seating arrangement might involve a lot of moving around and students who love to work individually can keep themselves away from others.
Flexible seating arrangements can help students to stay connected yet focus on their work. The students can easily understand the ever-changing world we live in, acquire skills such as creativity, flexibility, collaboration and problem-solving. You can allow a trial period before implementing a flexible seating arrangement. It will help teachers understand the different learning needs of each student.

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