Buying guide for Classroom Desks

Classrooms are an important part of everybody’s lives. It is the temple where young minds are moulded, and dreams are created. The school atmosphere, classroom ambience and its furniture play an important role in shaping the mental, physical and emotional well-being of a child. On an average school day, children spend at least six to seven hours using a desk and chair. That is why it is imperative that classroom furniture is designed and manufactured to be ergonomically comfortable. It also has to be functional and convenient.

The market is flooded with a huge range of classroom furniture. Choosing the best school desk manufacturers in Chennai can be challenging if you do not know what you are looking for. Here are some easy and important guidelines that will help you narrow down your choices

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Classroom Desks: How To Determine What’s Best For Your School

A school is an institution for growing children of varying age categories. All the desks cannot be the same. They have to be chosen according to the age of the students and the purpose of use. Here’s what you should keep in mind while choosing school desks:
  • Seat height
  • Desk height
  • Material used
  • Type of desk
  • Desktop width
  • Extra amenities
  • Size and age of the student
  • Storage space
  • Comfort and usability
  • Space of the learning area
Innovative designs are making ways to enhance the look and functionality of the school desk. The latest accessory options include:
  • Detachable book trays
  • Book boxes for storage
  • Water Bottle holders
  • USB outlets

Different Types Of Desks To Suit Different Classrooms

The Open Front desk
The open front desk is simple and portable and most suitable for younger children. Fitted with a rectangular tabletop, the desk comes with a book box to hold books and other school accessories.
Desks with lifting lids
Very similar to the traditional desk, the desks with lifting lids are slightly smaller than their older counterparts. These desks can be quite a hassle because children will have to remove everything on the desk before they can gain access to their things kept within the space under the lid.
Arm desks
Arm desks are designed with a tabletop that is attached to the right or left side of a chair. The arm is ergonomically designed to comfortably rest the forearm while using the tabletop to write or to keep books.
Multi-student desks
Multi-student desks are designed to comfortably seat more than one student. Available with or without boxes for books, these desks are economically suitable for schools with a high student population.
Combination desks
Combination desks are widely used in most schools because they come with the desk and chair attached to each other. The desks are spacious enough to keep books and notes. These desks are compact and give each student his or her own space.

Types Of Desks Used For Other Purposes

Student Stand-Up Desk
Unlike the conventional student desk, the stand-up desk allows students to perform certain tasks in the standing position. The stand-up desk is of immense use in classrooms where students need to expel their energy without losing their focus on classroom activities.
Collaborative desks
Collaborative desks fulfil the need for students to work as a team or group without having to rearrange individual desks and chairs. The collaborative desks are lightweight and designed to easily fit together to form a single table. Some of the recent designs have included dry-erase tops to encourage students to collaborate effectively.
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Types Of Material Used For Desks
The classroom desk is a combination of three important parts:
  • Desktop
  • Book box
  • Frame
The desktop is mostly made of durable, solid plastic, laminated or matte finish particleboard, and sometimes wood. Book boxes must be robust. Hence they are made of steel or an alloy. The frame of the desk is fabricated from the lower gauge, tubular steel that is strong enough to withstand years of wear and tear. Certain model desks are featured with an option of chairs attached to it. Chairs are made of moulded plastic or plywood covered with laminated mica.
Importance Of Desk Height And Size
Classroom desks are used right from the first to the last hour of school. The correct desk to chair ratio is a vital aspect that will determine the comfort and convenience of the furniture. But how important is the height and size of a classroom desk?
  • The height of the desk should allow the student to sit with ease with enough room to keep the feet flat on the floor with the legs bent at right angles.
  • Combination desks should have a seat height of at least 11.5” to 18.5’.
  • The seat height of individual chairs should leave at least 10” between the seat and the bottom of the desk.
  • The desktop should have a large enough workspace to accommodate books or even a laptop.
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