How Clean Are Your School Benches & Desks

With the Covid-19 pandemic storming into our lives, cleanliness has taken a whole new meaning. People are warned to stay at home and washing hands and using a face mask is the new norm.
When this storm abates, schools will reopen. That is when it will become imperative to keep the classrooms and school furniture absolutely clean and pathogen-free. The school is an environment where children spend a big part of their day. Hence, it is vital that classrooms are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized every single day.
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How Clean Are Your Students’ Desks

The school is an environment that is packed with students, staff, and other non-teaching staff. It is mostly packed to the brim, which makes the environment capable of spreading germs and harmful microbes. Cough, sneezes and sniffles can transmit these microbes on to school benches, chairs and other classroom furniture.
Desktops may harbour microscopic germs even if they appear to be clean. When students use these contaminated school desks, they are likely to catch these pathogens and fall sick. This is a scenario that needs to be avoided in schools. Daily desk sanitation is the only way to effectively amp up our defence against these disease-causing germs.

Essential steps to Ensure Germ-Free Classroom Benches ,Desks

Classroom furniture is most susceptible to becoming infected because it is used throughout the day. When a student sneezes or coughs, droplets will most probably fall on the desktop. From here, the pathogens can easily be transmitted through books, bags, and classroom stationery. It will need some well-planned efforts to ensure that school desks and chairs are properly sanitized.
Daily disinfection of classroom furniture
Under the given circumstances, schools must ensure that every single piece of furniture is thoroughly wiped down and disinfected after school hours. It should be done diligently on a daily basis. Daily disinfection can reduce the spread of harmful germs.
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Implementing proper cleaning techniques
Cleaning must be done in a systematic way. The entire classroom should be swept and vacuumed. Only then must the sanitizing take place. If it is done the other way around, it is very likely that the furniture will be contaminated with dust particles. The legs, sides and bottom of the desks also require adequate attention. Never reuse the same cloth across classrooms. Sick people should not be permitted to clean the classrooms.
Using the right disinfectant that is recommended by the manufacturer is vital. Most manufacturers will recommend a “dwell time”- a particular amount of time to let the disinfectant remain on the furniture without causing damage. Hire professional cleaning crews who are trained to do the job.
Using modern equipment
It is a very daunting task to clean an entire school. Getting it done manually is simply out of the question. There are chances of improper cleaning when there is a huge amount of space and furniture to cover.
An efficient way to complete a proper sanitization is to use electrostatic sprayers with powerful nozzles. The nozzles give the cleaning solution a positive charge. This allows the disinfectant particles to cling on to the top, bottom and sides of the furniture.
Electrostatic sprayers are worth the investment. They are extremely efficient, fast and even use very less disinfectant than manual sprays.

Steps To Effectively Sanitize A Classroom

Cleaning the entire school campus after a lockdown is a big process that must be entrusted to professional cleaners. However, once the school schedule gets back on track, it is up to the school authorities to ensure that cleaning and sanitizing is done the right way.
It is of utmost importance to ensure that classroom furniture is thoroughly cleaned to wipe out any traces of pathogens. If there are any lingering doubts about the hygiene of the furniture, it is wise to have them removed and replaced.
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  • Always wear gloves and a mask while working.
  • Start off by washing hands with a good soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Vacuum every crevice to ensure that it is clean and germ-free.
  • Use disinfectants that will not damage your school furniture.
  • Leave classroom windows open to let out stale air.
  • Do not forget to sanitize storage units, doors and windows.
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