Why the Right School Chairs Are Imperative for Student Success

Schools update their syllabus and curriculum from time to time – all to ensure that they meet the correct standards of education. Yet when it comes to the physical comfort of the students, they don’t pay much attention. Given that a child spends as much as 8 to 9 hours per day sitting at a desk, it is high time that the topic of school furniture is picked up and discussed.
In this article, we first take a look at why classroom furniture plays a vital role in the success of a student. Once we understand this crucial element of the learning environment, we move on to how to design a classroom correctly
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Why Classroom Chairs Matters For Every School

Most of us studied in schools that had traditional items of classroom furniture – wooden desks and seats that were heavy and near impossible to move around. We never gave it even a second’s thought that something as inconspicuous as furniture could impact the success of a student.
It turns out they play a vital role in determining how much and how well a child learns. Right now, approximately 83% of students sit at a desk and chair that is not meant for their height. As a result, they are distracted from the topic at hand, which consequently impacts their performance. By choosing the right school furniture, educators can ensure that the student’s mind remains on track. This improves performance immensely and leads to success.
Let’s take a look at other reasons why the right seating arrangement matters:
  • Sitting on hard chairs or desks that are uncomfortable for long periods disturbs the child. Consequently, they begin to lose focus.
  • Wrongly designed furniture also results in body pain, particularly in the neck and back. These aches again distract the student and prevent them from concentrating on the subject being taught.
  • Conventional desks and benches come in the same measurement, but the students in one class have differing body structure and height. It means that one type of seating doesn’t fit all students in a class because physical growth varies from kid to kid. When a child sits on a desk that doesn’t fit them, concentrating on the teacher becomes hard.

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When a student loses focus, is uncomfortable or unable to concentrate on the taught material, they fall behind in their studies. This is why the right classroom furniture is essential for every school. Here are some of the benefits of ergonomic seating for schools:
  • It promotes a healthy posture, something critical for developing bodies.
  • It prevents excess fidgeting, an essential element for concentration.
  • It allows the correct sitting position – with backs supported by the chair and feet firmly on the floor.
  • It offers a healthy movement of the body, a feature necessary for the comfort of the student.
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In short, by equipping your classrooms with the right furniture, you give the student greater flexibility, movement and reduce the chances of distractions. All in all, ergonomic seating facilitates active learning and sets children on the path to accomplishment.

How Do You Design Classroom Seating Correctly with Student chairs

Now that the benefits of classroom furniture are crystal clear let’s understand a handful of best practices for the correct seating arrangement for any school not only in Chennai but across India
Make seating flexible.
There was a time when students were expected to sit still and learn for hours on end. That teaching style has now become outdated. Today’s students learn best actively. This means both the teacher and the space has to be actively engaged. For this to be possible, the seating has to adapt to the new standards.
Therefore, the first best practice for correct classroom arrangement is to use flexible seating. Flexible here means in functionality. In other words, the school chairs and desk have to be sturdy enough to last a long time but also be light enough that students can move them around. This will allow children to arrange chairs in a manner that complements the curriculum and make learning participative.
Make it collaborative.
Classroom furniture that comes with caster wheels is another excellent practice to get seating right. The wheels make it easier to move the desks and chairs around and create collaborative clusters when students need to converse and interact with each other.
Make it movement-friendly.
Using furniture that gives students the freedom to make slight movements helps burn off energy that is funneled towards fidgeting. As a result, they are better focused on their studies. Effectively, they learn more and are less likely to engage in bad behaviour.

Find The Right School Furniture Supplier In Chennai

School furniture is a feature that is more often than not ignored by educational institutes not just in Chennai but also in the rest of India. Considering that it plays such a pivotal role in a student’s learning, this is an egregious fault by educators.
Remember, it doesn’t take much to get the right furniture for your classroom. Simple steps and you can easily find the correct seating that aids and facilitates active learning. Use the best practices mentioned in this article to invest in proper school furniture this year, instead of the usual one-size-fits-all models.
All it takes is thinking beyond regular classroom arrangement, and you can build an environment that meets the needs of every child in your academic institution. Hence, ensure that each and every student is equipped with all the tools necessary to succeed in life.
If you still have more questions about school furniture or need help redesigning your classroom arrangements, we’d love to offer our expertise. You can either contact us on 9840861480 and have a chat with our in-house expert or drop us at schoolfurniture@inspaceindia.com. You can even swing by the website to get a feel of our unique, practical, and ergonomic classroom furniture collection.
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