Why the Right School Furniture Is Imperative for Student Success

Students are confined to classrooms during most of their school days. The traditional form of teaching where the teachers stand and teach and students sit and listen is now not considered as old fashioned and not ideal for students of this generation. Students now have varied interests and that reflects in their learning styles as well.
First and foremost, students tend to move more these days. They involve active learning with more hands-on experiences. They learn the best by doing things and the classroom furniture used should be able to facilitate active learning.
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School furniture is still not a big priority for schools though it incurs an investment. Suppliers of school furniture in Chennai have been churning out innovative designs in the classroom and school furniture that has brought about a great change in the classroom environment. Chennai is the main hub for the furniture industry in South India. The school furniture in Chennai has been evolving in many ways accommodating a lot of features and ergonomics. You need to consider a lot of things before purchasing furniture for schools.

Imperative Checklist for Choosing The Right School Furniture

The British Educational Suppliers Association Furniture Group has introduced a new standard for classroom furniture that ensures all school furniture is developed to prevent damage to any physical aspect of the children and that includes the backaches and any other discomforts. The BSEN 1729 standard in the furniture will ensure comfortable seating for students in the classroom. Ergonomics is an important factor. The height of the chair should be in relation to the table. A chair with the wrong height can result in backaches. The is a guideline for each age and the height, size of the chair, and tables. Take care that you select the right size for each class based on the age of the student.

Mobility is important in classroom furniture as the teaching and learning environment is constantly changing and educators need to adapt the classroom environment as students learn and develop. To achieve this purpose, classroom furniture has to be modular with more options to be mobile or made fixed to a place. Furniture in the play area will have to be fixed as opposed to the ones in classrooms. School furniture is mostly a one-time investment. They need to last as long as school lasts. Selecting furniture with a good warranty can ensure strength and durability. It can cope with heavy use and stress. Many furniture manufacturers in Chennai offer 10-year guarantees on school furniture. It is also an important point to measure the credibility of a furniture supplier when you are purchasing in bulk.

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One must also find if the furniture suppliers have good after-sales services. Professional suppliers offer a wide range of after-sales services including warranty and reselling. They can suggest the best product for schools based on requirements and configuration. You need to find creative use of space within the classroom before placing the orders. It is vital you know where and how the furniture will be used.

Things to Ensure In School Furniture

Students are the top priority in any school and it is important that they guarantee minimum safety. It will be tough for teachers to manage class if the furniture used is unsafe. Classroom furniture should be sturdy and must offer good support to seat students, their bags, and other things. It should be made from non-toxic material. Flexibility is another factor in modern school furniture. Students love the variety and they will thrive in such conditions. Students move and tilt more. Chairs that support such movement will give them better concentration in studies.
School furniture takes away a chunk of the budget and as mentioned before it is a one-time investment. The education system values student comfort and the school furniture used should reflect that value. It will be great to ensure that a school buys the best of furniture. But, schools with a meager amount to spend, it is important that the basic necessity for a comfortable school seating is ensured. The material should be durable, scratch and rust-resistant and should withstand constant use. Technology has seeped into the educational system and has changed the learning environment. School furniture should be designed in a manner that can provide seamless integration of technology.
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