Library Furniture for Schools— Designs, Uses and Aesthetics

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Library Furniture for Schools— Designs, Uses and Aesthetics

What is the importance of innovative library furniture? 

Tips To Get the Right Library Furniture To Promote Interactive Learning

Libraries have long been a crucial resource for fostering children’s literacy and self-directed learning. However, libraries seem to be no longer completely about books as a result of the ongoing evolution of contemporary educational demands. Featuring community outreach programmes, digital literacy classes, and maker spaces, libraries have transformed into venues for active learning where kids and teenagers are willing to explore ideas.

Even for seasoned buyers, searching for library furnishings can be complicated. This useful article will help you understand the varieties of furniture you can provide for your library, mostly to ensure that the space feels more organised and also to make it simple to use and store books and papers, display book covers, and help the library run more effectively.

What are the different types of library furniture?

The success of the library depends on choosing the appropriate furniture for the location. Check out the suggestions for the furniture to include in the library of your school in the list below.


Of course, a library would not be complete without bookshelves or library racks. Any type of book can be stored and retrieved with ease using these furnishings. Bookshelves must be designed to occupy the least amount of space possible so that they may be kept and accessed with ease. There are two types of library racks: the main unit and the add-on portions. Here are three bookcase models that come highly recommended for use in school libraries:

  • Double-sided bookshelves: These are ideal for use in libraries, classrooms, and institutions. They are usable from either side. Bookcases with two sides retain the room’s airflow and conserve space. You can use it as open bookcases or, as an alternative, add additional wood or glass doors.
  • Low library shelves: Children and others who are differently abled can easily access books on low height shelves. Additionally, it improves the visibility in the front desk, allowing light to pour in through the window. As this particular shelf is mobile, the versatility of the library layout is increased.
  • Book displays: It is a terrific way to highlight specific ones and make them simple to find. Additionally, you might cross-promote CDs or DVDs to go along with related book series. Additionally, book displays are perfect for informational spaces like visitor centres and lobby areas.

Metal bookcases are advised for a high-traffic place like a school because they can easily sustain everyday usage for several years.

Desks for circulation and references

The heart of the library is where the references and circulation desks are located. These enormous tables show where students may get assistance locating books and checking them out. A strong-duty library desk that can sustain extensive usage is something you should choose. Opt for a circulation desk that was genuinely designed with that aim in mind. Include one book rack to aid librarians and circulation employees in the reshelving of books.

Study nooks

Small workstations called study carrels have partition on three of their sides. Study carrels are a wonderful asset to school libraries as they offer kids a private area where they may do their schoolwork and take exams without being concerned about their peers’ prying eyes. In your library, study carrels are useful for offering a personal computer station.

Library storage

Lockable cabinets, portable book trolleys, AV system carts, and other storage options are important storage options useful for libraries. Your demand for storage will be strongly influenced by the student population and your organisation’s technological requirements. Additionally, you should think about your staff’s convenience and provide them with space that will increase their productivity.

Activity desks

Students need more places to sit with their notebooks open, thus activity desks should be placed strategically around the library. Choose carefully while shopping for activity tables to find the ones that will best suit your area and your students’ requirements since they come in a broad range of sizes, forms, and designs.

Library chairs

There are many distinct designs of library chairs. You’ll first need some simple guest seats next to your activity tables. Additionally, you may add lounge chairs to certain locations of your library. Students may study in comfort in lounge chairs with table arms that also include a tiny writing surface for taking notes. To assist creation of an ideal children’s atmosphere favourable to reading and learning, funky seating may also be incorporated.

Notice boards

Around school libraries, notice boards are often attached to the walls so that instructors and students may post messages and notices for the benefit of all students. An excellent location for putting notices is the library.

Book carts for libraries

Castors for book carts make it easier for librarians to replace returned books on the appropriate shelf. It enables movement between book rack aisles and is a crucial component of libraries since it makes moving heavy volumes easier. Additionally, it can be flexible to serve as a portable mini-library in schools.

How to create an interactive learning environment?

Libraries in schools nowadays are more than just places for solitary study. They now accommodate a broad range of activities and learning methods. Collaboration is one of those essential forms of learning, when many students work together on a task or concept. Additionally, there is a rising emphasis on digital literacy, and libraries are now places where kids can develop these vital skills. The necessity for the library to be flexible has increased with a wider variety of services available, in order to satisfy the needs of both group learning as well as self-study.

To design environments for interactive learning, take into account elements like adaptability, flexibility, and diversity while buying new furniture. Here are some ideas for including these in your library.

  • Students working on group assignments may find it advantageous to have readily movable furniture. Consider providing bigger surfaces for tasks involving large numbers of kids in addition to furniture to accommodate small groups of pupils.
  • Comfortable sofas and chairs may lead to improved productivity, deep concentration, and enhanced enjoyment.
  • An excellent asset to your school library will be a collaborative table, or media table, that has a monitor and wires to project a device on a bigger screen. There are several varieties available, including tables with many displays, cords for many different devices, built-in charging outlets, etc.
  • Students who use gadgets might benefit from charging stations so they can keep them powered up all day. Follow safety precautions and avoid running extension wires across pathways or posing a fire risk.

Key takeaway

Having well-designed library furnishings in a school is essential for fostering productive conversations and discussions. Students might benefit from a more positive and delightful experience if your library is furnished with cosy and flexible furnishings. It’s crucial to consider your user’s demands while selecting furnishings for your library. Choosing the appropriate library furniture will be simple for you after you have a better understanding of what your students want. For all kinds of library furniture for your school needs, contact InSpace School Furniture, Chennai. Give us a call now; we can help you re-design your school library.

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