The Latest Trends In Hostel Furniture Use And Design

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The Latest Trends In Hostel Furniture Use And Design

Making the hostel a home away from home with the right furniture

Educational institutions’ accommodation conditions have evolved, with parents and students demanding up-to-date facilities for residential scholars. No parent wants their child to reside in a hostel that is devoid of beds and other furniture. If the hostel is to be a home away from home, it has to provide a convenient atmosphere even if keeping things “low-cost” is necessary. 

That said, hostels are seriously stepping up their game to create a comfortable experience for students. After all, parents want the best for their children, and they will not hesitate to opt for another educational institution if the hostel is not up to their expectations. 

It is not surprising that hostel furniture is also setting trends. The best hostel furniture suppliers in Chennai states that the demands of parents and students drive the trend. So, what are the happening trends with hostel furniture? 

The Best Hostel Furniture Suppliers Gives Insight Into The Latest Trends

Hostel furniture no longer consists of carelessly picked cots, cupboards, tables, or chairs. In the past, there have been hostels that never bothered to offer any of these conveniences. Not any more. The competition between institution-run hostels and privately-run hostels is huge. Providing the best is the main objective.

The latest trend in hostel furniture include:

  • Twin beds

    Twin beds are being reintroduced into the picture mainly because they align with the room layout, even if it is a dormitory format. This means roommates can enter or leave rooms without having to disturb fellow inmates.

  • Separate study area

    Hostels are looking to create a small but convenient study space within the confines of a room so that students do not have to resort to using corridors or hostel lounges to study in peace. The only way to create this space is to provide a sturdy table and chair that is big enough to allow students to read, write, or use their laptops. Desks can be foldable or fixed to the wall and also be used for other purposes.

  • Book storage space

    Nowadays, even school books are large and voluminous. Not to mention the number of books each student carries. Because of the limited space, hostels opt for cupboards that use vertical wall space instead of bulky cupboards. Bookshelves with lockable doors are another handy option.

Tips for choosing the right hostel furniture

Whether you choose furniture for a student’s hostel or a working women/men’s hostel, it must be done with care. It is an investment that reflects on the kind of care your hostel offers. Here are some valuable pointers to keep in mind:

  • Convenience and durability should be the top priorities. Hostel furniture should look pleasing and complement the overall positive atmosphere you are trying to create.
  • Select furniture that will be conducive to student’s after-school hours’ activities- it may be anything from relaxing, reading, chilling out with friends, or immersing in deep study.
  • Take into account the size of the room and the number of people it will accommodate.
  • Select furniture that is easy to clean and maintain and will last for many years.
  • All study furniture and cots should withstand rough handling, wear and tear, food and drink spills and dust accumulation.

Inspace School Furniture: The best hostel furniture suppliers in Chennai

Inspace School Furniture is a renowned name for designing, manufacturing, and delivering the most amazing, trendy and durable school furniture. Our sprawling facility in the outskirts of Chennai is equipped with the latest tech equipment and an expert R&D team that designs and manufactures bulk orders for all educational institutions in and around Chennai. Talk to us today to know more about hostel furniture trends or to choose the furniture that suits your hostel the best. 

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