Pick the Ideal Cafeteria & Lunchroom Seating for Your Students

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Pick the Ideal Cafeteria & Lunchroom Seating for Your Students

The cafeteria stands out as the most distinctive feature of every school, regardless of whether it is an elementary, middle or high school. The fun moments and deep discussions that take place in the cafeteria will remain in the minds of the students long after they have graduated.

Whether it’s a cafeteria, a canteen, or a lunch room, today’s school eating areas serve a far broader purpose than just as a place to sit and eat. To ensure that the cafeteria provides a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, school administrators must carefully consider the quality of their chosen canteen furniture. This is why you need to choose reliable canteen furniture manufacturers like Inspace School Furnitures, Chennai.

Tips by Top Canteen Furniture Manufacturers in Chennai

Seating in a school cafeteria can have a significant impact on a student’s lunchtime experience. However, there is a wide range of lunch tables available, making the decision-making process easier. Here are a few things to consider before making the final decision:

Availability of space

In a small school, it’s essential to maximise the utilisation of every inch of space within the building, even exploring ways to repurpose rooms for multiple functions. In elementary schools, it’s not uncommon for the school cafeteria to also serve as the gymnasium. This necessitates using multi-functional furniture, such as tables and benches, that can be quickly moved to transform the space.

In high school, the cafeteria often serves as a study hall or after-hours meeting place for students. Hence, ensure that you provide convenient, relaxing spaces where students may dine, study, and hang out.

Bench-style seating – convenient, conventional

Bench seating is one of the common choices for the school cafeteria. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, colours, and forms. For tables, you can opt for a circular or a conventional long rectangular-shaped one.

In the lunchroom, bench-style seating allows students to share one table with other students. When not in use, these tables can be folded for convenient storage and are easy to maintain.

Separated/ attached seating- inflexible, easy to store

While several cafeteria tables come with attached seats, it’s worth noting that this type of seating configuration can create a more inflexible environment in your cafeteria. But, it can make it more convenient to store your tables after lunch.

In grade schools and some middle schools where students tend to form flexible friend groups, the rigidity of attached seating may not be a significant concern. Additionally, such seating arrangements may help prevent displacement or damage of seats.

On the other hand, using less flexible seating arrangements in schools with older students can potentially prevent them from sitting with their preferred friends. This can lead to dissatisfaction if there isn’t enough space to accommodate them comfortably.

Instead, you can opt for static options like private booths and high tables with separate seating in a high school cafeteria. It can create an atmosphere akin to a restaurant rather than a traditional school cafeteria. Such arrangements offer students the freedom to socialise however they prefer without the restraint of attached seating.

Leading Canteen Furniture Manufacturer Suggests the Best Colours & Styles

Choice of colours

Colour can have a profound impact on people’s behaviour. The influence of light and colour on the mind has been the subject of several publications. Some commonly known effects include red evoking anger and yellow evoking happiness. Other effects are more intuitive, with pastel shades promoting calmness and brighter hues generating engagement. When it comes to the appearance of a canteen, lighter colours may make a small space seem more open and inviting, while darker hues can make a spacious eating room seem cosier and more personal.

Style- oval or rectangular?

While rectangular-shaped tables are more common, opting for an oval-shaped family-style table can facilitate better communication. Students can easily talk to one another face-to-face.

Contemporary tables are an excellent choice for modern spaces, available in various shapes and sizes. They can effectively reflect the mood of the cafeteria and cater to the diverse choices and preferences of the students visiting the cafeteria.

Hospitality tables for events

Aside from providing excellent lunchroom seating for both students and parents, it is also crucial to invest in top-quality hospitality and banquet tables. It can help during school events like banquets arranged during sports and club activities. These tables can enhance the overall experience and ensure that everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable time at the event.

Ease of cleaning

Cafeteria tables and chairs in schools should be cleaned daily, if not more often. Selecting tables and chairs that are simple for your housekeeping team to clean should be your first priority when selecting cafeteria furniture for your school.

Cleanable and sanitizable surfaces include particle boards with protective finishes, metal, and plastic. This makes them ideal materials for use in school cafeterias. In particular, particleboard is a durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of messy spills and roughhousing by students of any age.

Cluster tables for interpersonal growth

It may seem tempting to use larger dining tables in a spacious dining area to seat more students. But, this approach may not always be conducive to creating a comfortable and conducive environment for socialising.

Instead, opting for cluster tables can provide an opportunity for students to form smaller, more intimate groups. In this way, they will be able to interact with their closest friends more comfortably and easily. These tables are particularly effective in promoting interpersonal growth and fostering stronger student social connections.

Mobile tables for multipurpose usage

Mobile tables with no seating can serve many purposes if you’re looking for a table with no stools or benches. With pull-up chairs, these tables can be used in the lunchroom during lunchtime. The table can also be used for non-seating activities. At each table, there is no set number of chairs, and schools choose the number of seats they prefer.

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Choose the Best Canteen Furniture Manufacturers in Chennai

At Inspace School Furnitures, we understand that creating an iconic school cafeteria begins with choosing the right seating and tables. The furniture you choose determines the level of comfort and functionality you offer your students.

That’s why we, as a leading canteen furniture manufacturer in Chennai, are committed to providing you with the best options to meet your needs. With our expert guidance and support, you can confidently select the perfect school cafeteria tables and chairs that match your school’s aesthetic and enhance the overall dining experience for your students. Let us help you create a cafeteria that your students look forward to eating in daily!

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