Setting Up Your School Computer Lab

The more technology is becoming integrated with our lives, the more significant is the role played by tablets, laptops and computers. Apart from the computer lab tables and stackable chairs, there is more to setting up a computer lab. We are going to give some practical tips for designing a school computer lab in this blog.

Wooden Computer table

Primary Factors to Consider While Designing a Computer Lab

There are three major factors to consider if you are planning to design a computer lab. They are:

Purpose of the Lab

There are some preliminary questions you must ask your own self before planning the design of your computer lab.

  1. Are you planning to use it for all kinds of activities or specifically only for computer use?
  2. What type of work will students do?
  3. What devices will students use?

The type of work done by students is directly related to the kind of device you will be investing in. For example, students will need a large desktop computer if they have to do video editing, graphic designing, sound editing, etc. In such an instance, you will be dedicating the entire room as a computer lab and set it up exclusively with adjustable computer lab tables and flexible chairs. But if students are going to perform simple applications like Microsoft Office, Word or PowerPoint, tablets or laptops are more than enough.

Power Source

If you plan to have more computers, you will need double the number of power sockets. Fit the power sockets with a surge protector to prevent damage due to power outages. When the power cords are long, and across the walkways, there are more chances for people to trip and fall or for the cords to get cluttered. You will have to use computer lab tables with in-desk power supplies to prevent such risks.

Desk Layout

How your computer lab tables are arranged will make a huge difference to the type of interaction in the class. A fixed desktop option means it is impossible to adjust the layout for any classroom activity. Try placing the computer lab tables facing the walls in parallel rows for a space-efficient layout. This is the best layout for any computer lab as it allows students to focus on their work and the teacher. A U shape layout with sufficient space in the centre of the room requires a larger room. This layout gives great accessibility for students and teachers.

Steps Involved While Building a Computer Lab With Perfectly Designed Computer Lab Tables, Chair & Other Furniture

While building a computer lab, there are certain steps to follow. They are:

Identify the Space

The first step while building a computer lab is to identify the space where the setup will happen. You must prefer a room adequate enough to fit a lot of computers. Therefore, either rectangle or square rooms will be better options to fit computer lab tables and other basic items over rooms with sharp angles or unique shapes.

Determine the Basic Needs

The type of equipment to be installed will depend on the needs of the students and the curriculum. Apart from investing in good furniture like computer lab tables, chairs, whiteboards, etc., you must also purchase scanners, printers, internet modems and projectors. Any computer lab must have internet access and at least one printer as these are basic requirements.

Invest in Computers

The exact number of computers you will require is the next big question.It depends on the size of the room and the number of students using the lab. If there is a lot of space, you can install separate computer lab tables along with chairs and make the lab setup look massive and magnificent. If you have budget restrictions but want your students to use higher-end computers, invest in a few advanced computers and many mid-range computers.

The desktops are arranged in a row.

Purchase the Right Furniture

Computer lab tables and chairs play a significant role in a computer lab. The height of the desk on which the computers are placed decides the comfort factor. With an ideal height, users will be able to access the keyboard without any strain on their arms and neck. Try to purchase furniture that is ergonomically designed and meets the users’ needs. Ensure that the computer screen is at the eye level of the student. Chairs that are flexible to adjust heights are comfortable as students vary in size and height.

How to Invest in Computers After Setting the Space With Computer Lab Tables, Chairs & Furniture

If you have a limited budget, it is better to call local businesses and check if they have old computers. Many companies state that they will donate their used computers to a good cause. However, a few companies do so for their own benefits of tax deduction. If you cannot find such sources, try asking friends and family. Most people store their old computers after they purchase new ones. They will be happy to get rid of them, and you can repurpose those old computers for your computer lab. But if you have a bigger budget, purchase new computers. Negotiate an excellent deal with the vendor as you will be procuring computers in bulk. Once you are done with the purchasing and the entire place is organised with perfectly designed computer lab tables, chairs and furniture, you must reset the factory settings of old computers. Doing so will delete the previously stored information and improve the system’s overall performance.


Thus, after building a computer lab successfully with reliable infrastructure using the above steps, ensure that the computers are easy to use, virus-free, and offer short starting times. Connect with Inspace school furniture, one of the leading school furniture manufacturers in Chennai. We have a team of experts to design highly functional and durable school furniture with a brilliant understanding of the market’s demand.