Learn to Create an Effective Pre-school Classroom Furniture

A classroom environment plays a significant role in influencing the mood and behaviour of students. The first few days in school will set the tone for the whole academic year. Establishing a proper classroom layout is essential to encourage and improve learning with better student engagement. A preschool needs to make the setup more creative to ensure that the classroom promotes a positive learning environment. Most importantly, the kindergarten classroom furniture must focus on interactive play. Inspace school furniture blends aesthetics and functionality together with a perfect balance and thus, why we are the best manufacturers in Tamil Nadu. In this article, let us see how to setup an effective classroom with the right furniture.

The Kindergarten Classroom Furniture Configuration Affects Learning. Learn How

A classroom layout greatly impacts how children use the supplies and how teachers facilitate learning methodologies. Students tend to become more engaged, excited and productive when the class environment suits their basic requirements. As the furniture configuration supports the learning outcomes, kids begin to explore and learn new things at a faster pace. There are some factors to consider while developing a kindergarten classroom layout.

Creating Learning Spaces

Few kids like to learn in large groups, whereas others gain better knowledge with one-on-one sessions. As children differ in their learning styles and needs, creating a space that suits all types of learning is essential. The space must stimulate the student’s thinking with the right number of supplies and materials. However, when there are too many materials, it decreases students’ learning capability. They start creating chaos in the classroom. Thus, a teacher must manage the materials properly and make students engage in learning. The best way to do this will be by bringing in new materials and rolling out the old ones.

Focusing on Safety

Students’ safety is a priority while setting up a classroom. When children feel secure, they tend to develop and learn better. A well-organised classroom environment will take care of the basic safety norms. Putting away unsafe objects should be a mandatory procedure. Classroom furniture must be well constructed, comfortable, functional and sturdy to prevent the risk of accidents. In Indian schools, more focus is on making young learners feel at home. Thus, it is the responsibility of the school to invest in the right kindergarten classroom furniture to ensure safety and security of the children.

How to Setup a Kindergarten Classroom Furniture Successfully?

Developing Organised Space

As kids need time to understand what to do and how to act, setting things in an organised way with spaces defined will allow them to learn quickly. Storing things in a place that is accessible and visible for kids will make them become responsible and arrange things back in place. Another excellent idea would be to pin up pictures at various places in a classroom so that children can relate to the functionality of the place and perform their activities without confusion.

Encouraging Active Participation

A classroom setup will allow students to understand what they will be doing the entire day as they walk in. If there are only desks and benches, it will give a negative impression that they will be sitting the whole day. But instead, if the classroom is equipped with interesting things, students will grow excited and develop a positive outlook. Seeing the fun-filled classroom set up, they will start the day bright with an active mind-frame. Young children learn better by exploring and participating in activities and hands-on experiences. Therefore, establish the classroom in a way it contains engaging things for them to learn.
Kindergarten front round table with two chairs

Storing Personal Stuff

Kids need a place in the classroom to put their belongings where they will be safe. Young minds like to bring stuff from home to school. Their favourite belongings will comfort them and help them get accustomed to the new environment. Thus, every kindergarten classroom needs a place to put away personal things safely and securely.

Display Area

Students have to feel welcomed as they enter a classroom. The teacher must make the space inviting and feel like home. One of the easiest ways is to make the place comfortable to sit and relax with soft lighting. Decorating the classroom everyday with available things adds warmth.

Furnishing the classroom with the students’ artworks makes them feel important and valued. Additionally, teachers can display pictures of children with their names on the board. Doing so will make the kids develop a feeling of oneness. Teachers must take care to place them in areas where they are visible. Along with the pictures, they can also tag the student’s interests. Thus, designating a place for displaying more about students and their handwork is a great way to make them feel comfortable and safe.

Essential Play & Learning Areas for Pre-schoolers

Kindergarten kids love to play and learn. It is, therefore, necessary to set up the classroom space accordingly. Learning centres must encourage kids to develop social-emotional and cognitive skills. With free play, children will learn to share, resolve conflict, and self-regulate. Teachers should change and add items from time to time based on themes. Doing so will make the children engage better while learning. A few of the most commonly used learning centre equipment are:
Learning stations must focus on covering the science and maths curriculum. The kindergarten furniture mentioned above will develop fine motor, cognitive and social skills.

Tables & Chairs

There are a variety of tables and chairs for crafts, playing and learning. Organise them in circles, rows or semi-circles. They should be matching sets with drawers attached. Matching sets save money and will be the right choice for kids. Activity tables are a great pick to prevent kids from spilling toys around. Activity tables are made of wood, and movable ones are more functional. Lightweight foldable tables are more flexible to accommodate any classroom space. For kids to have their meals, tables like picnic or feeding tables will be the best option. Kindergarten classroom furniture offers a wide range of tables and chairs with different sizes, shapes, heights, designs and colours.

Storage Furniture

Pre-schoolers need a lot of storage space for putting away their books, toys and snacks. There are various storage options with great flexibility and numerous shapes to fit any classroom design. A few of the best storage furniture in Tamil Nadu and Kerala schools are rotating shelves, personal cubbies and open displays. Child lockers help store personal belongings like jackets, shoes, umbrellas, lunch boxes, etc. Cubbies are the most popular storage space for classrooms to allow students to organise their craft supplies and books.

Floor Mats

Children spend a lot of time playing and sitting on the floor. Carpets or mats will safeguard their knees and elbows. Activity rugs are the best investment to make kids play and learn simultaneously. Carpets with alphabets, numbers, shapes, and maps enable kids to create their own stories creatively. Instead of solid colour carpets installing colourful ones will improve the imagination skills of kids.

Children nap for some time after their lunch, even in classrooms. Rest mats with the required padding and cushioning will protect them from the hard ground surface. Thus, every classroom needs to invest in rest mats to make kids feel comfortable.


Blast colours into the classroom! Opt for furniture that will make the room look bright and alive. Setting up a theme for any kindergarten space will allow students to stay excited and happy. Try including more multipurpose items like wall-mounted lockers and corner bookcases.